This project is an effort led by Jason and Shaina, who saw the need for better resources to support communication between healthcare professionals and patients, especially in the COVID-19 crisis.

We were inspired by the work of Sudesna Roy Chowdhury's website, a treasure trove of COVID-19-related translations for healthcare workers. We took that as a starting point of our project and did more field research and prototyping to come up with VisualAid. Read more about our process.

VisualAid is a volunteer-driven project and our contributors come from a wide range of organisations and backgrounds. Shout out to all the volunteers for burning weekends and late nights:

💻 Developers

Han Quan, Ren Jie

🏥 Clinicians

Shawn Lee, Nat, Pei Kuan, Melissa

✏️ Design team led by Michael

Rachel, Su Hui, Christine, Dot, Siti Zuraidah, Keith, Zhi Liang, Fang Ling, Yun Zhen, Amanda, Yi Jing

💬 Translators

Min Htoo, Zhao Chen, Gia Hoang, Eesha, Vaish, Hafizah, Parvathy, Dr Aishwarya Kripesh, Dharini, Mint, Ani, Dr Shreya Kar, Persa, Chiranjit, Natalie and the awesome translators at Translation of Singapore COVID Updates Facebook group

💰 Donors

Gratitude to Gayle for her kind donation to purchase the domain name.