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VisualAid is a volunteer project to enable better communication between healthcare workers & migrant workers affected by COVID-19. Use the illustrations as a visual aid to help you communicate what you mean, better.

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Visual aid tools

We currently have 7 collections of illustrated translations - screening/triage, daily care/needs, mobile rapid triage station, COVID swabs, construction safety, radiology instructions, and surgical mask do's and don'ts. All downloadable for free.

Where to use

Here's where you can use the illustrated visual aids

At screening & triage

Use these visual aids to ask about symptoms, living environment, travel history.

At the wards

Use these visual aids to talk about ongoing symptoms, health markers and daily needs.

At Community Care Facilities like at Expo

Use the illustrations for communicating daily needs and wants, like toiletries, clothes, snacks, games.

At clinics and other workplaces

For any other situation in other workplaces like at construction sites, or healthcare facilities like GP clinics, community recovery facilities, swab isolation facilities, medical posts, purpose-built dorms, mobile FAST teams, etc.

Our process

A behind-the-scenes peek into our process, thoughts and future plans

Our illustration style

Our illustration style is about enabling quick recognition and comprehension, not too different from say, traffic signs!

Thoughts on our translation style

The kind of translations we go for: short, simple, clear, informal. And with good reasons, because we spoke to healthcare professionals...

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Contact us

Contact us if you have suggested words to add to the illustrations!