Our illustration style

Some principles that help guide the look-and-feel of our illustrations

Our illustration style is about enabling quick recognition and comprehension, not too different from say, traffic signs!

Thoughts on our translation style

Some of the considerations that go into our translation style

The kind of translations we go for: short, simple, clear, informal. And with good reasons, because we spoke to healthcare professionals...

🚀 Launched VisualAid.sg today!

A bit of back story, and the way forward

So Shaina and I made this thing called VisualAid.sg, together with a bunch of designers, illustrators and translators in Singapore...

Prototyping during CB

Some early shots on our prototypes

This was during the strictest of strict period of Circuit Breaker. When no print shop is open to print anything for us. When no stationary shop is open for us to get lamination sheets...